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Excess Workers' Compensation

Excess Workers' Compensation

LIU offers excess of loss reinsurance protection to employers who choose to self-insure their Workers’ Compensation Liability throughout Australia or the Commonwealth. We have been insuring Workers’ Compensation risks for over a century.

At a glance:

  • Cover begins when compensation costs exceed the insured’s retention (set according to business size, jurisdiction and risk profile)
  • We pay dollar-for-dollar on the insured’s Workers’ Compensation Liability
  • Payments are not indexed once retention is exceeded
  • Minimal exclusions for war, terrorism and atomic energy risks 
  • Clients have access to the  Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety (devoted to Workplace Health and Safety research for >50 years).
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Liberty International Underwriters a trading name of
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (ABN 61 086 083 605) incorporated in Massachusetts, USA 
(the liability of members is limited).

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