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Stockfeed Manufacturer

We specialise in liability insurance for the stockfeed manufacturers industry of Australia and have been providing tailored insurance solutions in this segment for over 15 years through Griffiths Goodall Insurance Brokers.

Our team of specialist Underwriters, Claims and Risk Engineering staff have a wealth of expertise within this industry.

Significant policy limits available

  • $50,000,000 for General & Products Liability
  • Up to $50,000,000 for a Combined Liability Policy which provides Section 1 – General & Products Liability cover and Section 2 - Civil Liability Professional Indemnity Insurance (maximum $10,000,000 on Professional Indemnity)

Optional policy enhancements

When purchasing a Liberty Stockfeed Combined General & Products Liability policy you can also apply for the following policy enhancements:

  • Coverage for statutory fines & penalties up to $5,000,000 with no deductible
  • Coverage for financial loss up to $25,000,000 with a $10,000 deductible

For further information please contact

Bree Scorsis
Underwriter, Casualty
03 9619 9821

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