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What to do in a crisis

If a crisis that may be covered under one of LIU’s Crisis Management Solutions Policies is first discovered during the policy period, or within 90 days of the policy period expiry, the insured should:

  1. Call the Crisis Response Management hotline on 1800 220 470 (24/7, 365 days a year).This hotline is staffed by multilingual specialist crisis response personnel who are able to advise and assist clients through an emergency situation.

All LIU clients insured under our suite of Crisis Management Solutions are eligible for this service.

You will be asked some questions about the incident and you will need to provide a contact phone number.

Within an hour of your initial call, a crisis response consultant will contact you to discuss with you the deployment decision (based on the type and geographical location of the incident) and the strategy for dealing with the early stages of the crisis.

  1. Contact LIU in accordance with the terms of the notice requirements in the policy. Please note that making contact with the Crisis Response Management hotline is independent of, and does not supersede, the insured’s obligation to notify LIU.


Fees and charges

LIU will pay the reasonable fees and expenses of the crisis consultants incurred in response to an insured incident notified by the client.

Even if liability to indemnify is not accepted by LIU, the reasonable and necessary fees incurred prior to LIU’s notification will be borne by LIU.

Where the incident is covered under the policy, but the loss is less than the client’s Self-Insured Retention, LIU will pay the reasonable and necessary consultant and advisor costs in response to the incident.

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