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Political instability is an unfortunate reality around the world and terrorist attacks are on the increase. LIU is a market leader in writing a worldwide book of war and terrorism insurance cover for a range of terrorism risks across a spectrum of industries.

Our specialist underwriters work closely with brokers and clients to assess their particular risk and to put in place the appropriate level of protection for their operations.

LIU’s War & Terrorism division operates from London, Singapore, Dubai, Brazil and New York, and services the global network of LIU offices.

At a glance:

  • Capacity of US$200m
  • Policy period up to 5 years (non cancellable)
  • Coverage classes:
    • Terrorism, sabotage and malicious damage
    • Riots, strikes and civil commotion
    • Insurrection, rebellion, revolution, mutiny, coup d’état
    • War on land/civil war
    • Nuclear, biological, chemical or radiological warfare
    • Terrorism liability
    • Business interruption and extra expense.


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Liberty International Underwriters a trading name of
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (ABN 61 086 083 605) incorporated in Massachusetts, USA 
(the liability of members is limited).

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