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Technical updates

Liberty's technical updates delve into the legal and insurance implications of a broad spectrum of topics, among them cloud computing; the different types of clauses in a contract; multiple causes of loss;  proportionate liability; and the potential environmental exposures of the construction industry.

Proportionate liability

We hear the term 'proportionate liability' often enough in our commercial dealings, but what does it really mean, and how does it differ from 'join...

Liquidated damages

Contracts requiring the payment of liquidated damages are common in the construction, engineering and utilities sectors, among others. But how enforceable ar...

Multiple causes of loss

What happens when a loss results from two causes and the one of those causes is excluded under the policy?   At common law, where there ...

Novated contracts

What are 'novated contracts', when do they take place and, importantly from an insured's point of view, what are the insurance and financial r...

Limitation of liability clauses

As the economic and regulatory landscape becomes ever more complex, those in the financial sector, such as investment managers, are becoming increasingly rel...

Civil liability

The purpose of professional indemnity (PI) liability insurance is clear: if you are a professional (whether a member of one of the 'traditional' professions&...

Indemnity clauses

In today’s commercial arena, the term 'indemnity' is so often used either in contractual negotiations or in commercial documents that we assume we...

Cloud computing and insurance risk management

Cloud computing has emerged as one of the major trends in the information technology (IT) services industry and has attracted significant media attention....

Hold harmless clauses and waiver of subrogation rights

We often come across indemnity clauses in contracts which require one contracting party to 'hold harmless' the other contracting party. There are also j...

Environmental liability and the construction industry

Read about the environmental risks associated with the construction industry - and LIU’s peace-of-mind solution - in this technical update. ...
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